Lesson #10: Coming together reminds you that…


Tonight, I had a kick-ass time at the Fall Out Boy and Paramore concert with my two really good friends. I mean, honestly, there’s never anything not fun about good live music, dancing until the stars come out, and watching sloppy drunks fall over each other (as long as they aren’t close enough to spill beer on you).

I could pass on the traffic and $15 hot dogs, though.

I didn’t know every song, I still don’t know every band member’s name, I wasn’t drunk, or high, or with a big group of friends.

Before you get to thinking, “Why was she even there.”

I’ll tell you why.

Because I live for moments like these, and I had forgotten that until now.

It’s amazing what happens when people come together.

Not only are the two bands phenomenally talented (I mean, like, really really good), but they had the power to bring all of these people together. Here, for one night.

When is the last time you were surrounded by a group of people, and you actually just looked around?

Looked at all the people gathered there, around you? With you? All the bodies, the faces, the energy?

Maybe I’m getting at something else here.

Not just looking, but appreciating.

Society has us eating out of its palm, celebrating and worshipping our individuality. You are unique. You are different. There is nobody like you.

This is true.

But like I said, I had forgotten, until now.

Maybe, sometimes, the idea of being an individual gets to be too much pressure. It gets lonely. It gets too much to bear. Sometimes, we just honest to God need a break from ourselves. We need to temporarily step away from our own little worlds, our own lives. We need to step away from our corner, and step outside.

Sometimes, it’s comforting and reassuring to be reminded that we aren’t just one, but we are many.

Yes, we are individuals.

It’s kind of awesome.

But what may be even more powerful than that, is that we are all the same. We are all just… here.

We’re all living and surviving and breathing.

I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s just something beautiful about a group of people coming together.

…And the old man completely rocking out by himself in front of you.

Side note: He was honestly my hero. These are LITERALLY my favorite kind of people. (DIDN’T GIVE TWO FUX WHAT ANY OF Y’ALL HATERS WERE THINKING ABOUT HIM)

These are the nights that remind you.

These are the moments to live for.

These are times that are telling you, that are screaming to you,

there is a bigger, better world outside of yourself.

The crazy thing is,

These are the moments that happen every day.

But we just let them slip by.

And we shouldn’t.

So, I guess my lesson of the day is, appreciate the much overlooked and underrated beauty in numbers. The power in numbers. The magic in numbers.

It’s around you every day, dude.

But my question of the day is…….

…Who gets this out of a concert?

I laugh at myself sometimes.

I’m telling you, it’s something about music, man.

Day Ten.

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4 thoughts on “Lesson #10: Coming together reminds you that…

  1. aylasrad

    I can’t pick a favorite, but I seriously think you steal my thoughts out of my brain sometimes. One of my favorite reasons I loved musical and band was the power of music bringing people together and the connection… you can kind of feel it. It’s a weird feeling in your chest that says “wow everyone here is here to enjoy the same thing I am… and that’s awesome”



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