Monthly Archives: August 2014

Lesson #43: Ball on a budget.


When in doubt,

Dollar Tree out.

Day Forty-Three.


Lesson #42: Being sick doesn’t get any easier.


The first week of school has just ended and I’ve already managed to get sick.


Aside from making fried oreos, inhaling Vicks, and coughing fits during The Devil Wears Prada,

Let’s just say your Saturday night was probably better than mine.

Being sick never gets any easier.

But learning to just deal with it does.

Take some drugs.

Use this as an excuse to sleep, because that’s obviously what you need more of.

Use this as an excuse to watch lots of television.

Or Netflix.

Or season three of Glee.

As much as you believe it will magically make you better, don’t go out.

Don’t push yourself.

Most of all, don’t complain.

Just get through this as quickly and smoothly as you possibly can.

Getting sick is life’s version of a speed bump, or a road sign.

This is your sign to stop stressing out.

This is your signal to take a second.

To slow down.

Even if you don’t want to.

Your body is blinking,

telling you that you need it more than you know.


Day Forty-Two.

Lesson #41: You’re still learning.


Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself,

“It’s okay, because I’m learning.”

“I’m still learning.”

Please don’t be so hard on yourself today.

You’re still learning.

You’re still growing.

You are a work of art.

a work in progress.

And it never stops.

You never stop.

So it’s okay.

You’re okay.

You will never stop learning.

And the day you do?

That’s the day you’re not okay.

That’s the day it’s not okay.

Day Forty-One.

Lesson #40: They are not a puzzle, and this is not a game.


You have got to stop analyzing them.

Stop trying to decode them, and fix them, and figure them out.

They are not a puzzle.

This is not a game.

Especially if you never agreed to play.

Someone wise once told me,

that they will tell you what they want you to know.

And whether it’s true or not,

that’s what they want you to believe.

That’s what they want you to know.

And you have to take their word for it,

whether you want to or not,

unless they tell you otherwise.

You may not keep guessing.

And you do not have permission to alter or interpret or transform what they say into what you think it might mean,

or what it should mean.

They are not a puzzle.

This is not a game.

What they say is what you get it.

And that is all.

And now it all makes sense.

That it won’t always make sense.

But that’s none of my business.

So I’ll keep minding my own.

Because this it not my game to play.

And this is not my puzzle to fix.

Day Forty.

Lesson #39: Where you are is where you are meant to be.


Sometimes things you didn’t exactly want,

you get.

Things you didn’t exactly wish for,


And they happen because where you are,

is where you are meant to be.

And I’m going to trust in that.

Day Thirty-Nine.

Lesson #37: Self-control should be a thing.


After a very interesting and shambly summer, I am extremely excited and overjoyed to finally be back at JMU to start off my junior year of college.

As you can probably tell from yesterday’s lesson,

I am directly in the midst of a move-in crisis.

I have yet to unpack and organize my things, I am adjusting to the fact that I actually have to go out and buy groceries—and even scarier—actually cook them, and I can barely make it to Walmart to buy move-in necessities because I am constantly a nervous wreck trying to navigate the Harrisonburg streets for the first time in my really crappy college kid car.


They aren’t streets.

They are massive hills.

To avoid every and all of these responsibilities, I have basically done everything but.


I have gone to see every single one of my friend’s new apartments (sometimes even twice), watched the VMA’s and Bridesmaids, and today, I have stopped and talked to every single person that I haven’t seen since last semester when I should have been back at my apartment getting my life together.

Today, the lesson is very simple.

It is one that I have not yet learned,

but it is one that I have learned that I absolutely, positively, need to learn.



I can’t really say no to hanging out with people. Or doing fun things. Or spontaneously going places or exploring new things when I should just be like,

“I really can’t.”

And if you’re anything like me,

when you have a million things to do,

you sit down and do none of it.

Or either you try to do it all and you become completely burned out.

Learn self-control.

Life is just a huge balance.

And this year, I am determined to find my in-between.

It’s okay to say yes.

It’s okay to say no.

Just learn when to say it.

And hopefully,

one of these days,

I will.

Help me God.

Day Twenty-Seven.