Lesson #16: Perfect timing exists.


I’m not writing this because I finally got what I wanted, or what I was expecting.

I haven’t.

I’ve been baffled. I’ve quite honestly been frustrated, examining and speculating and mulling over this one big idea. No matter what I do, I just can’t figure it out. I mean, this has been going on for months. I’ve changed my mind at least ten times. I’m never satisfied with what I think is my answer. My final idea. My genius plan. I went into this summer thinking I would come out of these productive, perfect three months as accomplished and successful as ever.

It’s August.

I have nothing.

Even though I haven’t yet gotten what I’ve wanted, or what I’ve been expecting,

Today, I did get something.

A lesson.


Once I allowed myself to see through the cloud of frustration and irritation and annoyance that’s been fogging up my view — and my thinking space — I actually came up with a few bigger and brighter ideas than the one I originally had. And even though I’m nowhere close to my final idea, or my genius plan, I am a few steps closer to my final idea and my genius plan. 

Some things don’t work out your way.

They work out in time.

And even though it hasn’t happened yet, I know there is such thing as perfect timing. I have faith in God’s perfect timing. And I believe in whatever my perfect time holds.

Some things don’t work out your way.

They work out in time.

And they work out for the better.

If it’s not the right thing,

then it’s just not the right time.


There’s just no fixing that.

This is painful.

Believe me.

But I’ve just come to terms with the fact that you just can’t rush things good things, no matter how hard you try.

It’s like a recipe. Or cooking. Or baking. Or whatever your little heart wants to compare it to.

It takes some effort, but it takes some waiting.

It takes a little bit of both.

You can’t rush something that’s still in the making.

You can’t rush something beautiful.

Have faith in what your perfect time holds.

It’s coming.

Day Sixteen.



5 thoughts on “Lesson #16: Perfect timing exists.

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  2. thealwaysfabulous

    This was and has been my life for the last few months. When you wait on Him he gives you things that are even greater than you imagined. Trust that. It hasn’t been easy but it was been worth it. I waited and everything that I have asked him for has manifested and he’s continuing to do amazing things. Mia, YOUR greater is coming. I’m so happy for YOUR greater!


    1. yourstrulymia Post author

      MaRae, you have no idea how much this means to me. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. And I’m so proud of all you are doing! Keep it up love! You deserve everything coming your way :) It’s been great watching you blossom!


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