Lesson #34: Get over it.


Here’s how you get over it.

Talk about it.

Talk about it until you are tired of hearing your voice,

until you are tired of hearing the same story,

until you are annoyed with yourself for being so stupid, and telling it over and over.


leave it alone.

Don’t talk about it.

At all.

Reflection time? That’s over.

Play dumb.

As far as you know,

Them? This?

Never happened.

Distance yourself.


Keep running.

It works, but only if you actually try.

I promise you, you will slip up.

You may stop momentarily, take a look back, or even take a few steps back.

But it’s okay.

Give yourself a second,

and then get it together.

Keep running.

Far enough?



Run back.

Come face it.

Head on.

You will really want to run the other direction now,

but do not turn around.

Face it.

You’re not feeling it anymore?


That was the goal.

Still feeling it?

You didn’t run far enough.

Try again.

Day Thirty-Four.


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