Lesson #42: Being sick doesn’t get any easier.


The first week of school has just ended and I’ve already managed to get sick.


Aside from making fried oreos, inhaling Vicks, and coughing fits during The Devil Wears Prada,

Let’s just say your Saturday night was probably better than mine.

Being sick never gets any easier.

But learning to just deal with it does.

Take some drugs.

Use this as an excuse to sleep, because that’s obviously what you need more of.

Use this as an excuse to watch lots of television.

Or Netflix.

Or season three of Glee.

As much as you believe it will magically make you better, don’t go out.

Don’t push yourself.

Most of all, don’t complain.

Just get through this as quickly and smoothly as you possibly can.

Getting sick is life’s version of a speed bump, or a road sign.

This is your sign to stop stressing out.

This is your signal to take a second.

To slow down.

Even if you don’t want to.

Your body is blinking,

telling you that you need it more than you know.


Day Forty-Two.


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