Lesson #46: Take your time.


I’m seeing a common theme here.

The reading for my Media Culture by Design class sitting in my lap tells me a clay animator with the name Nick Park worked on and off for four years on a five minute film. It won an academy award.

My witty and intelligent Intro to Creative Non Fiction professor makes us guess how long it took a man named Russell Sanders to write his incredible 13 page memoir that we read two nights ago. A girl with bangs shouts three months. Someone says a year, or two. In my head, I hope for it to be something miraculous and magical, like one night. Ten years. It was published in Harper’s.

It takes hundreds of thousands of years for coal to become a diamond. And it does so under pressure.

It takes nine months of pain and agony and puking and mood swings and cravings and six to twenty four hours plus of screaming and crying and stretching to create something priceless and precious and invaluable and beautiful. To create love. To create a human life.

I know from experience that one minute of a script, or a screeplay, takes approximately one hour of filming. One hour of filming for one minute of words. Minimum. And that doesn’t even include the countless countless hours of precise editing. But those countless countless hours build upon each other and finally mount into a great film, or television series, or even a three minute YouTube video that a stranger tells you has saved their life. You hold that kind of thing in your heart forever.

Great works don’t happen over night.

Great works happen over time.

Life is short. But not that short.

Stop being in such a rush to get it done. Or to get it right. Or fixed, or finished.

You can’t wait around to start. You can’t put off the work. But you also can’t expect it to be done in one day. Or two. Or three.

It takes time.

People just don’t want to wait.

We are generally impatient and uneasy and untrusting when it comes to this, and dealing with the timeliness of our success.

We are fast paced people.

We are the product of a generation who wants it now.

But if you want it to be beautiful-If you want it to be beneficial-If you want to learn, to consume, to relish, flourish- If you want it to be worthwhile-

Take your time.

Take your sweet time.

It’s sweet.

It’s going to be sweet.

Day Forty-Six.


Cue Vienna lyrics.



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