Lesson #47: Fire.


If God placed it in you,

it’s not there on accident.

If you feel a burning inside of your belly,

If you feel it moving within you,

If you can’t stop yourself from doing,

from saying,

from thinking,

from being,

If you feel like this is it.

This is what I’m supposed to be.

This is what I’m supposed to do.

You’re right.

This is not by chance.

This is no mistake.

If it was, why does it keep coming back?

It happened again today.

That burning, that movement,

that fire,

It’s called passion.

It’s called purpose.

You can’t talk yourself out of this one.

You can try.

But something this big, something this powerful, it can’t be taken away. No one can take it away, not even you.

This fire in your belly, in your eyes, in your finger tips, in your toes,

is you.

You are fire.

Burn the world down.

Day Forty-Seven.


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