Lesson #49: Messages from Maryland.


Hello Maryland.

I’ve learned quite a lot of things in the past 24 hours, since my macaroni and cheese epiphany.

I know I’m supposed to write one lesson today, but.

When you’re on the move, life moves with you.

Motion brings energy. Energy brings life. And life brings lessons.

I figured many small lessons can amount to one big one.

Or they can stand on their own. And that’s cool too.


Don’t use Benadryl cream as toothpaste.



DC traffic is not a game.

It’s really not.


The guy in MKTO was in As The Bill Rings.

And he is very attractive.

And he also has tattoos.

And I think I am in love.


Demi Lovato is a queen. She continues to slay the music scene, while speaking up as humanitarian and taking form of a flawless human being simultaneously, no big deal.


It’s really good to talk about your past. You start to make sense of it and other people can learn from it and then it’s best to stop talking about it. You are not your past. It’s made you who you have become, but it is not who you are. So stop dwelling on it. Go build yourself again.

(Demi speaks to my soul, what’s new)


Singing loudly on the street doesn’t make you a good singer. But it’s fun.


Technology fails you. But your eyes are pretty good too, don’t forget about those.


Soft pretzels are great. Happiness with salt on top.


You will get stuck. The answer is self-forgiveness. Allow yourself to move-on.

(Christina Perri is a wise, quirky, and lovely lady whom I have recently grown fond of)


Apparently I look 15.


Day Forty-Nine.


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