Lesson #62: Awkwarddddddd


Today I made a complete fool of myself.

I was entirely embarrassed.

We were told to each come into my professor’s office and physically demonstrate to him face-to-face that we knew how to do what we had had been learning (try properly exposing a shot with someone breathing over your shoulder, thanks).

Then he evaluated us.


Give me a paper to write, give me an equation to solve (but actually not this one please), give me a video camera to set up

But make me show you how I did it in front of you,

and I’m peeing my pants.

I was nervous and flustered and I thought he would think I didn’t know what I was doing.

I was convinced I looked absolutely ridiculous and incompetent.

And it turns out,

I did.

I did look absolutely ridiculous and incompetent.

Because I came prepared with the idea that he would think that.


For future reference,

Own that bitch.




I’m going to start acting like I know what I’m doing even when I have no freaking idea.

Because chances are, you’ll probably actually get something right, and you might even be good at it.

And if none of the above is true,

at least look fly while you’re doing it.

No more awkward moments.

I’m selling a new product.

It’s called…



It’s kind of like a stain remover sort-of-thing.

It’ll go away.

For the most part.

There’s a huge mess underneath but it still looks pretty good.


Available in a blog near you.

(No returns though, sorry)

Day Sixty-Two.


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