Lesson #78: Challenge Accepted.


I love a good challenge.

But when faced with something entirely out of my comfort zone?

I run the other direction.

I was offered the opportunity to take on a small project that I had no idea how to do. I saw words and phrases that I had no recognition of, and my heart leaped out of my chest.

But I said yes.

Don’t ask.

I’ve been doing a lot of running in the other direction lately (and not the good kind, like Lesson #34). I got tired. Tired of the same view. Tired of the the same route, the same fears, the same everything. It started to get old.

As we get older, we develop new kinds of fear. We can only pull the covers over our eyes for so long, and turning on the light can only do so much. The monsters in our closets and under our beds become real things in our every day lives.

And that’s the scariest of all.

The monster I’m most afraid of?

I could give you a list.

But the one I’ve been running from?


But I said yes anyways.

Just like the monsters hiding in the shadows, we realize a lot of these fears are irrational. We create them. They aren’t real.

And if they are? We confront them.

I didn’t really know exactly what I was doing, but I found out along the way.

And that’s what it’s all about.

Isn’t everything?

Day Seventy-Eight.

say yes


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