Lesson #87: This little piggy cried all the way home.


I find myself having to really limit the amount of times my lesson of the day is about stress.

But I guess it’s just in season.

So bare with me.

You can cry.

You can mumble, and rant, and drink five cups of coffee,

but that won’t make it go away.

I have terrible news for you.

Nothing makes it go away.

Wow, this is really sinister.

But really—

it just doesn’t.

2 hours, 5 hours, 3.5 hours, 7, then back to 3 again.

That’s my sleep schedule.

I’ve been handling it pretty well, other than delusional conversations with friends in passing.

Sorry about that.

But last night,

I decided I didn’t want to be 20,

and I called my mom walking from the library to my car at one in the morning, and I cried all the way across campus, the street, and the parking lot.

And once I was in my car,

I cried all the way home.

I know my very first lesson was about crying, and this one is too,

but I swear—

this isn’t a usual thing.

You get the picture.

After three hours of sleep the night before, I had classes and work, had to film and edit an entire project in one afternoon, had a late meeting, had to finish typing a study abroad essay—and none of that included my actual homework. And it was 1am.

But this kind of schedule isn’t abnormal to me.

I am tired, and drained, and stressed out.

So this was my lesson to learn, by my mom’s to tell.

She’s very wise.

Like any great mother would do, she didn’t yell at me for waking her up.

She comforted me.

But she didn’t say ridiculous, unrealistic, sappy things.

She gave it to me straight.

It went like this.

When you’re tired, go to bed.


Then wake up, and do it all over again.

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

I loved that.

Now, you can take this advice however you want and run with it.

But I think there was something so great, so true, and so simple about it.

This is life.

When it gets hard,

just do it.


Do you have any other choice?

Do what you have to do.

That’s all you can do.

Whether you do it with a smile (which is the better option, although I realize not always the easiest) or not,

do it.

Just keep doing it.

Day Eighty-Eight.


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