Lesson #91: Let the chips fall where they may.


Good things happen when you don’t try so hard.

You see, lessons are really odd.

This idea has always been floating around in my head—in the tangled mess that is my mind.

Somewhere in the midst of experiences, in between past ventures and speculations and undertakings, I learned this.

But today, it was like the Heavens opened up, and there were cute rosy-cheeked angels singing upon my realization.


Either I’ve just been incredibly lucky,

or I just need to stop trying more often.

I’ve been making YouTube videos since the seventh grade (I’m a junior in college now, do the math). People have always asked me, “How do you get so many followers?” “How did you build such a huge fan base?”

And they think i’m just being humble or secretive when I give them my answer,

but the answer is truly just,

“I don’t know.”

I never really tried to get a following. I never expected it, or pressed for it. I just loved what I was doing, and things started happening.

And that’s just how it goes for a lot of things in life.

Love what you do, and let it happen.


Always, always work hard.


The catch is to not try so hard.

In the words of Viola from She’s The Man (God bless Amanda Bynes),

Let the chips fall where they may.

Be yourself. Don’t give zero fucks, but give about 85 of them.

Find the perfect balance of caring about what you do, but realizing that you can’t control everything—and that some of the best things happen when they aren’t controled.

From impressing your new boss, to meeting new friends, to making a speech in front of 100+ people (hi that was me today);

to getting 17,000 subscribers on YouTube, or trying to date the guy in front of you in line at J’s bagels—

to me all morning, trying to achieve the perfect messy bun before my speech (only to get the perfect bun upon returning home and throwing my hair up carelessly… figures)—

Don’t try so hard.

Just let the chips, fall where they may.

Day Ninety-Two.


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