“It’s not too late to start a new beginning” Guest Lesson by Rigoberto Juarez

Sometimes life gives you obstacles to overcome. As we live every day we encounter these obstacles in which we face. For some of us, these obstacles may be personal or external problems. As it goes, there is always a solution! Believe in YOU! There is an old verse which says: Every time you pray, do not pray for things to become easy. Instead, pray for better strength for overcome those problems. It is all in you.

We see people come and go in our lives. Sometimes we believe that we have found the right person. That she or he will be with us in the hard or good times. But it turns out that’s not it. What I am trying to say is that real people will stay by your side no matter what. You may not feel their presence, but they think of you. Just like the wind—you cannot see it, but you can feel it.

Today, I start a new beginning. 19 years, with wishes and desires inside me, waiting to be done. How about you? What have you accomplished today?

Overcome those problems; be optimistic!

“When you really want things to be done—the universe conspires for your will, for your desires to be done!” -The Alchemist by Pablo Coehlo

-Lesson by Rigoberto Juarez-


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