Day #106: One way or another?


I design things sometimes.

I’ve been using PicMonkey to avoid the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and InDesign, because the Adobe Suite irrationally (or rationally… you decide) intimidates the shit out of me.

I like PicMonkey. Actually, I love PicMonkey.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It works.

Here’s the catch.

You can’t save your work on PicMonkey.

You exit out, and it’s gone.

Want to change something?

Tough luck. You have to start over.

I was assigned a job to design a graphic for someone.

I used PicMonkey.

I’ve had to change three different things.

You do the math.

I decided after the third change, I was fed up.

Not with the request to make another change (I’m a fan of revision), but with PicMonkey.

It wouldn’t let me copy and paste the text they gave me (which was 1,000+ words) into the program. I’ve typed everything out already twice before, and it’s pretty safe to say I was not about to type it out again.

I screenshot the text from Word, and placed it on the graphic in PicMonkey.

It looks like crap.

I try to change the opacity, the font, everything else—and at this point I’m begging PicMonkey—just please don’t make me type out everything again.

It’s been thirty minutes. It still looks horrible.

In the end, I have to type it out anyways.

I lose.

And I could have been done by now, if I had just typed it out in the first place.

So today’s lesson.

The “easier way” is not the easy way at all.

It may quicker,

but it’s messier, sloppier, and significantly less efficient.

Trying to make short cuts that you aren’t sure of usually gets you back to where you started.

So in the process,

you’ve actually created a harder path for yourself.

Just stick with the hard way.

It turns out, in may be easier after all.

Day 106.


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