Day #107: Alexa’s Advice.


Yesterday, my day ended in the worst of worst moods.

I told people to send love and ice cream.

Instead, I got something better.

I have a  friend who I have known since the seventh grade. We were inseparable all through middle school, but then we went to separate high schools. She now goes to school in New York, and I’m at school in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

We have managed to stay close friends—best friends—through everything. We don’t talk every day, or even every week. But we have never lost touch. While we have both changed and grown as people, our friendship has stayed constant.

I’m pretty lucky.

Not only is she a great friend, but she happens to be an incredibly wise and beautiful human being.

When she saw that I was having a bad day, and she sent me this.

Take note, people.

Never apologize for venting, because if you don’t you will literally crack. I do know you have to have to have to take more time for yourself and set some boundaries, because no one else is going to look out for you the way you can. It’s ok to disappoint people sometimes, because if you don’t say no here and there, you eventually won’t have the energy to say yes to anything. You are so amazingly motivated and present, but it’s ok have some periods of inaction. All of this stress is probably just a life lesson in saying no. Trust me, I’m going through something similar now. But all will end well for us, I feel it. It’s all going to be ok.”

Talk, or you might bust at the seams.

Take care of yourself—no one looks out for you like you do.

It’s ok to disappoint people sometimes. They will understand. And if they don’t, well, that’s another stoy.

Say no. Because if you don’t here and there, you eventually won’t have the energy to say yes at all.


You are not alone.

If this wasn’t a lesson, I don’t know what is.

Thank God for good friends.

Thank God.

Day 107.


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