Lesson #111: Land mines.


So things didn’t work out.

That was a long time ago.

I think about it sometimes. Willingly, and unwillingly.

When I do think about it, it’s very similar to walking on a mine field. It’s like I’m dancing around certain spots, being careful not to hit the wrong thing; being careful not to tap into the wrong emotions. I was avoiding exploding, or crying, or having a melt-down.

I call them mind fields.

I had gotten pretty lucky.

It never happened. I never hit any land mines. Maybe once. But it was more like a close call, rather than a full out explosion.

I kept expecting things to change. Not in their mind, but in mine. I thought I’d eventually make my way out of the mind field. I thought that one day I would reach the end, and that I’d never have to look back again.

I’m not saying that you can’t get out of a mind field.

You can.

It’s just that I thought I could way before my time.

On my most recent venture through the mind field, I brought you this little souvenir.

The things that you think will take the least amount of time to fade or heal, are the things that don’t.

Time doesn’t matter to anyone on the mind field.

Try to get through it too quickly; you’ll only end up damaged, in pieces.

But you can’t sit in one spot and weep, either.

You have to take as much time as you need.

You can’t pretend something didn’t mean a lot to you.

And when you come to accept that it did, it’s okay.

Keep moving at your own pace.

But you have to keep moving.

You’ll get out of there one day.

Day 111.


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