“It’s OK.” Guest Lesson by Julie Hirschhorn

While sweating my booty off in a 105 degree room, my Bikram Hot Yoga instructor once told our class, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” As I’m nearing the theoretical “end” of my college career, I have so many thoughts running through my head: what if I can’t find a job, what if I have to live with my parents for the rest of my life, #foreveralone.

Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes it’s sunny, other days are cloudy and rainy. And when they are rainy (which can feel like a lot), the point is, you will be okay.

Life will go on.

Your friends will still love you.

Your parents will hug you when you cry.

Because it will all be okay in the end.

Your life is just starting.

-Lesson by Julie Hirschhorn


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