Lesson #124: Life happens.


Ah shit.

I didn’t write my lesson yesterday.

Hehe. Oops.

I worked early Friday morning, left straight after work to head home for Thanksgiving break, was on the road for 5 or so hours, had a happy reunion with my parents and family, went to dinner, then accidentally fell asleep on the couch. At 9:30pm.

Like honestly,

I used to be very upset at the thought of missing a lesson. When I first started doing this 124 days ago, it was my worst fear and my number one goal. Never miss a day. I had this looming idea that if I missed one, I wouldn’t feel compelled to write the next, and then I would stop writing all together. Kind of how once you skip class for the first time every semester, you want to skip every single class after that. But when it’s a class you like, that’s not exactly the case.

When it’s a blog you like, it’s not exactly the case either.

After an entirely too long week, I was exhausted, and I fell asleep.

Life happens.

And that’s all.

Sometimes, life happens.



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