Be The Change: Ferguson

THIS IS THE BIGGEST HONOR EVER. I am so excited that my post was featured on ShoutOut! JMU! Check it out :)

ShoutOut! JMU

The following article is a guest post from a fellow Shout Out! reader and JMU student about the controversy in Ferguson. It’s a little longer than our blog posts typically run, but I think that her perspective is unique to the current conversation. Mia explains that in order to be the change, we must truly have compassion for everyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, and any other identifiers. #AllLivesMatter has been used as pushback to the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on Twitter, and I totally get why, but Mia reminds us in her post that it’s important to recognize that empathy and respect play a huge part in human rights.

Mia Brabham is a film-making, blog-writing, photo-taking enthusiast from Virginia Beach, VA. She is currently a 20-year-old junior at James Madison University, studying Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Digital Video and Cinema, and a minor in Creative Writing. She has been…

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