“Life Happens.” Guest Lesson by Cherese Jackson.

Life rarely goes as planned; instead at times it can be very unpredictable. Even though we try to map out every aspect of our lives, occasionally we do get thrown a curve ball that we hadn’t bargained for. Often what appears on the surface to be a negative “curve ball” later turns out to be the very opportunity that propels you to another level of success.

When you are forced to encounter these unpredictable turn of events you can either allow yourself to be swallowed up in the darkness or misery of uncertainty or you can pull yourself up by your boot straps and face the situation head on armed with the optimistic attitude that this craziness has to be part of a greater plan that will work in your favor. Only then will you be open and available to whatever opportunities are presented to you.

Even in my own life, while following a path I thought would lead to one thing, my plans were altered against my will and personal blueprint that I just “knew” was designed for my life. As a result, a whole new arena was opened to me. Through some pretty rough times, costly experiences and intimate encounters with God, the wealth of wisdom I received is the most valuable possession I own. Now, on this side of those experiences I can say as the late poet Maya Angelou stated; “I wouldn’t trade nothing for my journey.”

You never know when you go through that breakup, lose your job or even miss that turn on the road what’s really in store for you. The important thing to remember is life is not always about knowing what’s at the next corner of the map; it’s more about being open to change and exploring the unknown.

Even with the most detailed plans we’ve designed for our lives, life can throw us a curve ball and cause a massive change to the game. It’s not what happens to us that matters most; it’s more about our response to the situation. When life throws you a curve ball, and don’t worry – it will, we can curse it, swing at it, try and dodge it, or simply stay in the game and wait for the next pitch. Whatever you do remember, Life is a journey, not a destination.

-Lesson by Cherese Jackson-

Cherese - head shotCherese Jackson, co-founder of New Direction Coaching Associates, is a life and business coach who has traveled extensively as a developer of Non-Profit & For-Profit organizations. She is a speaker, author and member of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches, National Association of Professional Women, Great Black Speakers Bureau and Black Life Coaches Network.


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