Lesson #157: Christmas… Stripped Down.


On Christmas of all days, you’d think that there would be some extra incredible or huge or extravagant lesson to learn.

As it turns out, it’s nothing extravagant at all. Which maybe makes it all the better.

As I get older, Christmas becomes more and more raw. It becomes bare, and more stripped down. The true essence of the holidays has become more clear to me each and every year.

It requires nothing except good people.

Family. Friends. The ones who love you unconditionally, and whom you love in return.

If you throw in some music, good food, and board games—heck. That’s just the cherry on top.

The only thing you need is good company.

And that’s a good enough reason to celebrate.

It is the reason to celebrate.

People sometimes take the narrow perspective in analyzing the holidays. People are only kind and giving during this time of the year or People only go to church today—where are they all the other times? Well let’s be honest here. No one is throwing a fit when they are celebrating their anniversary (What, you aren’t going to celebrate being together on all of the others days?). No one is complaining when they are getting trashed at a birthday party (You aren’t going to celebrate being alive at any other time?) No one is disgusted when thousands of people are flocking to a window or driving to a dark area to see a solar eclipse or a harvest moon (You don’t look at the moon any other night?).

One special day is a reason to celebrate. Always.

So what’s the difference with the holidays?

I’m beginning to think… isn’t that a little bit—or actually a lot a bit—of what special days like these are all about?

Our lives are fueled by reflection. Examination. Analyzation. And if we didn’t have these speed bumps to slow us down, to stop and look and reflect, life would cease to be precious, valuable, and meaningful. It would just become a motion.

I’m not sure who or what you believe in, or if you believe in anything at all. But today I celebrate the birth of a King. I celebrate what He stood for, and his sole mission: love. God has blessed me with an absolutely amazing group of people to share it with, and I promise you that in one way or another—He has given you a group of people too. Somebody loves you. So celebrate that. Celebrate love, and life.

The past few years has definitely been tough on my family, running a small business and paying two college tuitions. But one thing that never changes, and will always remain, is my family. I mean, you will never catch me turning down a cute sweater from H&M or a go-pro or like 500 dollars, you know. But I celebrate good people, and that’s all I really need. It’s getting awfully hot in here, and Christmas is stripping down.

Whatever you celebrate or however you celebrate, Happy Holidays to you and your family. I hope your night has been bright.

As I said in Lesson #100, celebrate small victories. And today, I’m saying, celebrate simple victories. 

Celebrate the love in your life.

All you need is good people.

All you need, is love.

Day 157.


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