“Unanswered Prayers.” Guest Lesson by Katie Tomlin

A life lesson I have learned recently was inspired by the country song lyrics: Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

More often than not, people who pray—myself included—find themselves doing so just to ask for something. A good test grade, a raise, or better relationships. We draw a road map of how we want our day, year, or life to go, and get discouraged when we have to re-route.

It’s good to work hard and pray for what you want in life, but as we all know, life won’t always go our way.

Six months ago, things in my life seemed to be changing in ways I wasn’t prepared for. I was losing touch with many people I cared for, my family was going through adjustments in our home, and even in the summer I was worried about whether or not all this student loan debt was going towards earning the right degree for me—having finally changed my undeclared status to a Philosophy and Religious Studies major.

Six months ago, I prayed God would put things back to how they were before, because I liked that idea better than the unknown these changes would bring. Since then, I have realized that not one of these changes was worth worrying over as much as I did.

Last semester, I joined the sorority Sigma Alpha Omega. I gained memories and sisters I know will be lifelong friends. My family grew closer through the strain we experienced, I began dating an amazing guy, and I made Dean’s List, acing the classes most relevant to my major.

Whether you aren’t exactly sure what you want in life, or whether you have the most detailed road map ever drawn—it’s discouraging when you are met with changes you think you aren’t prepared for. But fret not! You are.

God—or whatever or whoever you believe in—may not always answer your prayers how you want, as quickly as you want, or at all. But life goes on and you may find the path it takes you down is even better than the one you had planned.

-Lesson by Katie Tomlin-

Kimage001atie Tomlin is a sophomore Philosophy and Religious Studies major at Radford University. She aspires to be a director of children ministries in a church, and possibly a church pastor someday. She enjoys reading, watching romantic movies, and playing with her morkie puppy, Malibu.


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