Lesson #163: HAPPY NEW YEAR!



well that’s weird.


WOW, doesn’t it feel fantastic?

I did nothing today and it was fabulous. What a great start.

So apparently you’re supposed to do this thing after 365 days where you kind of press reset on your life and your hope and your dreams.


I’ve discovered that resolutions are lessons in themselves. By taking a moment to really think on what you want to change about yourself, what you want more of, or what you want less of—you learn. About yourself. And as I’ve said before (or maybe I haven’t, it’s Day 163 who knows anymore) that might be the most important lesson of all.

Some people are dead set against resolutions, because they “never happen.” Those people, my friends, are party poopers. Those are the people who nobody wants at the party, because they’re killing the vibe. Those are the people who don’t re-seal the sleeve of oreos when they finish, and who go to sleep at 10pm on Friday nights.

I’m going to tell you something.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter if you stick with your resolutions or not. Oops.

If you do, that’s extremely impressive, and I am proud of you.

If you don’t, that’s also extremely impressive, and I am proud of you for trying.

The real point in all this madness is to stop and think about what we want to change in our lives. On Thanksgiving we stop to appreciate what we are thankful for. On Fourth of July, our country. Today—ourselves. So, what is it that you want to change?

I don’t make one resolution anymore. Oh no. I go big or go home. I make an entire list of resolutions, and put it in a frame next to my desk all year. Call me over zealous, but at least I try.

This is mine for 2015.

1. Devote more time and attention to the relationships and friendships that mean the most to me. Learn something new about someone every day.

2. Say no.

3. Say yes.

4. One task at a time. Seriously. Focus.

6. Be more present. 

7. Prioritize. Actually prioritize.

8. Stand up for it, whatever “it” is. Regardless of where you are, or who you’re with.

9. Fall in love with the world all over again. Please.

10. Be. more. patient.

What’s on your list?

Happy New Years, all.

I hope it’s a healthy, blessed, adventurous, and loving one. I’ve never been more excited for all the wonderful things to come, and I hope you feel the same.

Day 163.


So, what did you think? Leave a comment!

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