How to Adventure: A bonus lesson.

I’ve come up with thirty three options. So far.

Option one. Treat yourself to something familiar but rare.

Option two. Watch people you love in their element. It’ll put a smile on your face, I promise.

Option three. Watch people you don’t know in their element. It’ll also put a smile on your face. Or a laugh.

Option four. Listen to people tell their stories.

Option five. Listen to people tell stories they’ve heard.

Option six. Tell your own story.

Option seven. Have a really good cookie.

Option eight. Have something warm, because when your insides are warm it’s hard not to be happy. (If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what will)

Option nine. Google “The best (type of place here) in (city you are in).” Go there.

Option ten. Sit somewhere and talk.

Option eleven. Sit somewhere and don’t talk.

Option twelve. Watch.

Option thirteen. Listen.

Option fourteen. Walk. Just keep walking.

Option fifteen. Don’t actually shop and buy things. Just shop. You’ll find cool things that are beautiful. Appreciate them. But don’t need them.

Option sixteen. Jam out.

Option seventeen. Look in a section or place that you aren’t interested in, at all. You may find something you like. Or maybe you won’t. Who knows.

Option eighteen. Don’t follow the rules. Don’t be disrespectful, but don’t follow the rules. Will it really hurt anyone if you sneak a peek in there, or see what’s going on, or see what it’s like?

Option nineteen. Ask questions.

*Challenge: Find the answer if they don’t have it.

Option twenty. Be yourself.

Option twenty. Don’t be yourself. You’ll realize what it’s like to be someone else (kind of) and/or you’ll realize everything that you don’t desire to be.

Option twenty-one. Be a tourist in your own town.

Option twenty-two. Be an actual tourist somewhere you don’t know. Pull out your camera. Who cares. You’ll never see these people again.

Option twenty-three. Go outside.

Option twenty-four. Go outside.

Option twenty-five. Go outside. (There’s seriously something mysteriously, miraculously, magical about it. It doesn’t have to the middle of the mountains, or the woods. Just get out of your house, or a building. Don’t be confined to one space.)

Option twenty-six. Read parts of books or magazines. Find an excerpt you like. Or two. Take a picture or write it down. Move to the next book.

Option twenty-seven. See how long you can not look at your phone. Leave it in the car. Or the purse. Or the pocket. Let it die. Don’t charge it.

Option twenty-seven. Try new food. Or don’t, and just look at the menus. You’ll find some interesting stuff.

Option twenty-eight. Try old food. Well, try an old place. Get the usual, but add something new. Or get something completely different, because maybe you’ll like it.

Option twenty-nine. Actually talk to someone. Truly. Not small talk, or quick talk, or joking around, or catching up. Actually talk. It’ll be grand.

Option thirty. Literally just go somewhere you’ve never been.

Option thirty-one. Dance. Even if you’re bad at it. If you’re good, show off.

Option thirty-two. Bond with strangers over something, or nothing. It starts with a smile. Or a look. Or a hi. Or a high five.

Option thirty-three. Be.

Just be.



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