Lesson #197: Good mornings.


I work on the third floor of the student center in the career and academic planning office. Every morning I work, I run into the sweetest lady who helps keep our building neat and tidy. We exchange a smile and a hello, and then we part ways.

Today, we ran into each other in the bathroom. What a wonderful place for a chat.

We didn’t just exchange hello’s this time. We talked about our week, and our families. Before we decided that we should probably leave the middle of the bathroom, she told me that she loved my energy every single morning, and that being bright and cheery will get me very far in life. I shook my head shyly, and thanked her for the kind words. I told her that I thought the exact same thing about her, and that she made my day every morning. We began talking about this, and she told me something that I don’t think I will ever forget.

“One person’s ‘good morning’ changes the world.”

She told me that however you greet one person in the morning changes not just their day, but the world. How you approach that person, warmly or coldly, will affect them. And in turn, that person’s attitude will affect someone else. And someone else. And so on.

I feel like this is such a simple concept, and one we hear often. But have you ever really thought of the tone you set with just two words?

And what about the other 18,567?

Set the tone.

Bring sunshine wherever you go.

Day 197.


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