Lesson #203: All of the lessons.


Some days there is so much to say that I don’t really know how to say it at all.


Sometimes things happen that you won’t be very happy about. It’s not fair, and there’s really nothing else to it. It’s just not fair.

What’s even worse, is when you can’t be there to stop it. And I wish I could have been so badly.

But then you get to thinking… maybe it was never be meant to stopped at all.

I don’t know the answer to these kind of situations. And I don’t know if I ever will. But all I know is that if it’s wrong in your heart, and you feel passionate about it, then it’s not okay. Maybe it’s not meant to be let go, not just yet.

Speak up.

If you have the ability to do it—there’s no excuses.

I came across some other things too.

Like people who try to hinder your growth. Who try to diminish you with their words. Try to make you smaller. Who make you feel smaller.

You have two options.

1. Don’t let them. Be fucking sassy. Whatever.

2. Walk away. Take a breath. They know nothing, and they don’t know who you are. And that’s their fault. Their loss.

Hasta la vista, baby.

But I’m not done.

I learned that things happen so that things happen so that other things happen.

And it leads you to moments and people that are just supposed to be.

Whether it be something new you’ve never known, or something old that needed to be remembered, reminded, renewed, or rekindled.

Sometimes you just need that.

Second to last:

Make friends with all of these Starbucks baristas.

All of them.

There are treats in the form of expresso and pastries in your near future.

And last but not least,

There’s no such thing as a day off.

You’re in the game of life. So keep playing. Keep moving forward.

Day 203.


So, what did you think? Leave a comment!

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