“Let them have it.” A guest lesson by Anonymous.

We all have had moments where people have done us wrong—or to be completely honest—when they have shit on us. Yes, those are the moments that drive us crazy, that piss us off to the point of no return. Sometimes those moments can lead us to never speak to that person again. I am all for taking the high road and letting karma handle those situations for you. However, when people do you wrong, sometimes you just have to let them know. These are the moments that play in your head multiple times with the things you wish you would have said to them, but didn’t. LET THEM HAVE IT. You ARE entitled to let people know how you feel when they hurt you. Every situation does not cause for it, but some do.

Remember the guest lesson Trust your instincts? I wrote that lesson. For the last few months I have been extremely pissed off with the asshole that screwed me over not once, but twice. I hate to say it, but every time I think I about him, I think horrible things. Yes, it’s horrible to say, but that is exactly how I feel. Last night as I was snowed-in, I enjoyed a glass of wine or two, and let’s just say that I was feeling myself. It was super late at night, and I was browsing through my phone. I ended up reading our old text messages. Girls, NEVER do that to yourself. Nothing good comes from it. I wrote him a HATEFUL text message, but I never sent it. Right now I know you’re thinking: “What a punk. You’re telling us to let people have it and you can’t even send a text.” But I didn’t send the message, because I want to do it in person. I want to see his facial expression when I tell him what a piece of crap he is. He deserves to feel how I felt when he made me feel like an idiot twice.

Whenever you let people have it, do it however you want to. Sometimes a text might suffice, but doing it in person might be the icing on the cake. JUST DO IT. Every person that does you wrong does not deserve a reaction out of you, but some do.

P.S. I promise to submit another lesson once I do it. Of course I wouldn’t leave y’all hanging!

-Lesson by Anonymous-


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