Lesson #210: It’s okay to fall.


I’ve found that you can’t stop yourself from falling.

When you fall, you didn’t ask to be pushed down. It just kind of happens. It’s gravity pulling you towards something.

You are going to grab at limbs to slow down. You are going to toss, and flip. You are going to get cuts and scrapes and bruises, regardless of how or when, or by who.

But if you’re already on the way down, there’s no stopping now.

Just make sure there’s something reliable there to break the fall, or to catch you.

More importantly, if you do happen to fall on your bottom, make sure you think about how you’re going to pick yourself back up.

It’s okay to fall.

Sometimes the risk is worth it.

And sometimes, it’s not.

But I know now that either way, it’s an experience.

It’s a lesson.

So fall freely.

Day 210.


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