Lesson #214: Stop looking?


They say the minute you stop looking for it, you receive it.

But I’ve learned that it’s not about looking, or not looking.

It’s about accepting.

It’s about finding a way to accept where you are. Appreciating what you do have, and being okay with your current state; your current season. Saying, “This is alright. This will have to do for now.” And meaning it.

I’ve found that the minute you accept it, it only gets better from there. Things begin to fall into your lap. Good things. And it can only look up from here.

It never seems to fail.

Some things, are oddly and infinitely true.

Day 214.

(It’s a good thing I forgot to press submit on this last night)


One thought on “Lesson #214: Stop looking?

  1. thealwaysfabulous

    MESSAGE. I’ve been feeling like this for SO long. It takes a while to understand that you’re where you are for a reason and some days you might go back to feeling that way. You might even be confused during your entire season. However, the blessing is that God always has a reason for everything.

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