“Tears speak louder than words.” A guest lesson by Natalia Delgado.

Crying. Tearing up. Weeping. Sobbing. Wailing. Howling. Whimpering. Blubbering. These are just a few of the many words to describe one action, all used interchangeably with their different denotations and connotations. There are so many words for one action that can mean so many things, and yet, sometimes it feels like there’s some sort of distorted taboo against crying. Crying is a natural, human thing to do. Everyone says this, but it feels like few people truly know this. I didn’t truly appreciate how crying made someone human until recently.

I’ve learned that tears can come when you least expect it, and they can tell you things that you may not know about yourself. Everyone knows that when you’re sad, or angry, or even overcome with joy, tears are a possibility. It’s an intense action seemingly reserved for the most intense emotions. What I didn’t know was that you didn’t need to be sad or angry or happy to cry. Sometimes you just need to cry, and your body will take over for you and the tears will come when you least expect it. You might not register that you’re overly stressed, or overwhelmed, or fatigued, and your body will figure out a solution in the best way possible. Maybe you give in to sleep, maybe you fall ill, or maybe the tears will come rushing out. For the most part, I’ve learned that even if the tears come, you’ll be okay.

I’ve learned one more thing: crying does not make you weak. Crying does not mean that you have lost or given up. It does not mean that you’re an emotional wreck. Crying does not make you “delicate” or “girly” (being “delicate” or “girly” isn’t even bad to begin with #GirlPower). Crying means that you’re sad. You’re irritated. You’re content and overwhelmed with joy. It’s okay to cry; it’s okay not to cry. Everyone’s different and crying isn’t always the solution. Listen to yourself, listen to your body. Like actions, tears speak louder than words.

-Lesson by Natalia Delgado-


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