Lesson #241: Resist the urge to be sorry.


I’m a huge fan of not stepping on people’s toes.

I hate hurting other people’s feelings, or coming anywhere near it. I hate confrontation. I hate pointing out when someone does something wrong.

So when I do?

I literally have no idea how to react.

Which is funny, because I’m not even the one who is supposed to be reacting.

So of course—my first instinct?

Apologize, profusely.

Apologize for the way it may have sounded, or came off. Apologize for disturbing the peace. Apologize for being honest.

And I’m just so damn tired of being sorry.

There’s always that one person who is the nice girl.

And it might as well be stamped across my forehead.

But today, I say this.

Resist the urge to apologize for simply saying what needs to be said.

Someone has to do it, sometime.

Day 241.


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