Lesson #242: It becomes clearer.


A year ago during this time, I was in Florida at a video-making conference called Playlist Live, scrambling to send out scholarship applications for my major that I was determined to turn in.

Naturally, there were some technical difficulties with the server, being five or six states away from school. After finishing half of them and trying to turn them in, it wouldn’t work. I was upset, but I saved them, promising myself I would send them next year.

And it’s next year.

Today is the day!

Scholarship award applications were due, and all five were sent in this morning. (After another all-nighter—at this point I’m scarily used to it).

When I sat down to start the applications, I dusted off the old folder sitting on my desktop to look at the short answers I had typed before.

And wow.

I had changed SO much.

The prompts for most of the applications asked about our career goals, and then asked us to describe our commitment to a career in media. In my descriptions, it was quite obvious that I had no idea what I wanted to do.

“I want to dip my toes in everything, and do anything media related.” I talked about maybe New York, maybe Los Angeles.

I was betting on using the old stuff since I had already typed it. But I couldn’t because so much has changed.

It’s not bad that I didn’t know what I wanted to do. But after completely disregarding what I had written last year and writing something completely new, I saw the change in confidence of my dreams and goals, and my ability to make them more direct and concrete.

A lot can change in a year.

This just goes to show how much clearer everything becomes as time goes on.

Believe me. I didn’t have it all magically figured out this time. But I saw a clear difference in how much I have learned and have grown, and what I want out of my life is becoming more and more evident. I’m getting closer and closer every day; every year. And that’s exciting.

Day 242.


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