“Be Happy.” A guest lesson by Anna Peck.

The night before my senior year of high school, I realized something.

I wasn’t happy.

I was content, I guess, and I wasn’t particularly sad. But I wasn’t happy.

There was no specific reason for this epiphany, just something I discovered during a nightly battle of teen angst.

Pleasure. Joy. Delight. Bliss.

Those are feelings of happiness.

Some people just going through the motions, not really discovering what’s out there, and doing the pattern that is expected.

And I never want to live like that.

“I do what I want. “

Anyone who knows me knows that’s something I say a lot, about myself and to others. While this is usually followed with laughter or a joke, I truly think this is the strongest piece of advice someone can give.

Be who you want to be. Whether it’s an author of children’s book or a neurologist.

Try new things and experiences. Go skydiving. Go to a dance class.

Don’t waste your energy on negative people or things. If it isn’t helpful to you or your future, then what’s the point?

This is how I live my life now and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Every time I’m asked where I see myself in five, ten, fifty years, I say the same cliché answer.

Being happy.

Whether that means I’m happily married or forever alone, living in a mansion or in a cardboard box.

I want to be enjoying what I’m doing and be grateful for everything.

Lesson by Anna Peck.



Anna Peck is a junior media arts and design major with a creative writing minor. She loves tacos, dancing and laughing. She hopes to change the world one day with words.


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