Lesson #248: Tatro-fied.


Let’s just talk about the fact that Jimmy Tatro, internet sensation and 22 Jump Street movie star, was standing two feet in front of me tonight.

I am part of my school’s event program board. We bring entertaining events, shows, comedians, and speakers to campus. And I would say we out-did ourselves on this one.

We don’t get to meet every entertainer one on one, but one of the perks of working the events is that us peasants get to be in their presence.

This was a very special show for me, because YouTube is a very special community to me. I’ve been making videos for seven years now, and as a YouTuber, seeing other YouTubers follow their dreams and doing it big is awesome. Even when you don’t know the person personally, it’s a special kind of bond that content creators share—ask anyone who makes videos.

And at the end of the show, Jimmy was standing right in front of me. We made eye contact. Yet NOTHING CAME OUT OF MY MOUTH.

I was too ridiculously star-struck and idiotic and scared to open my mouth and say “Hello, I make YouTube videos too, but I’m way less cool than you.” Because how stupid and pointless does that sound?

Anyway, we took a group picture and said thank you and then he left, and now I will never be able to say hi, because I’m an idiot.

I didn’t expect him to go look up my videos tonight and watch them or share them, but I just wanted to be cheesy, and tell him from a small creator to a big one how awesome it was, what he was doing.

And that’s obviously not happening.

So lesson learned.

When you get a once in a life-time chance? Who cares how crazy you look. Do it. Because it won’t ever happen like this again.

Ugh. Take it from me.

Day 248.


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