Lesson #262: Six things I learned from my interview today.


Here we go.

Six things I learned from my phone interview today.

1. What I learned while curling my hair: If something continually turns out shitty, it’s probably just because you’re not putting as much time and effort into it as you could be. Take your time. Allow yourself time. Care for each part of the process.

I promise this applies to more than hair.

2. What I learned from effing up scheduling: The East Coast is not the only place in the world. Time zones exist.

Remember those?


3. What I learned after beating myself up about it: You have to remember that you’re going to mess up sometimes, or this life is going to be a hard one. That happens. Things happen. People are way more forgiving then you think they are.

Everybody poops. Everybody messes up. Everybody forgives. (Or should. Including you.)

4. What I learned when they moved the interview back.. and I didn’t realize it:  You might have to walk across campus, and walk back. You might miss class for no reason and have a pissed off professor who doesn’t believe you. With that being said. Be flexible. Be ready. Check your email constantly. But to completely contradict the last statement—email sucks. Pick up the phone and talk. It’s so much easier.

5. What I learned when they didn’t ask the questions that I thought they’d ask: Prepare to be over-prepared. Prepare to not be prepared for what you expect. When you have something great to say, find a way to work it in.

I didn’t, and that’s why I’m telling you now.

6. What I learned when I felt a bad day coming on: My morning was fabulous, mainly because I actually got sleep for once. (If you’re an avid AYOL reader you’re probably like “This can’t be real”) I woke up, made coffee, and wait for it… HAD TIME TO MAKE BREAKFAST! I checked emails and did homework and IT FELT GREAT. I’M USING CAPS BECAUSE THAT’S HOW GREAT IT FELT.

But then something shitty happened.

I thought, “This can’t be. This can not be a bad day. I have an interview in five hours. This is probably the most important interview of my entire life.”

So I conscientiously went: “Nope. Not letting this ruin my day.”

And then it didn’t.


But then something else shitty happened.

And I got a little upset—I’m not going to lie to you—we’re friends. I was a little bit frustrated. I was like “WHAT?? ARE YOU KIDD—AGAIN???”

But then I paused. Took a deep breath.

Or five.

And I decided once more:

“Nope. Not letting this ruin my day.”

And moseyed along.

The frustration may have lingered for a little bit. I’m only a person, it’s true.

But what’s important is that I made the decision not to link one incident to the other. In that moment, I decided not to let what happened affect my past or my future.

Nothing else bad happened after that.

If it did, quite frankly, that could be a different story.

But I learned this:

When it rains, it pours.

When you’re headed downwards, you think it’s the only way things are headed. Everything that happens seems horrible. Everything seems connected or linked. Maybe we’re just conditioned to think that way. But by saying: “NOPE THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING”—you are free of that moment. You are free of that thing. You are free from that downward direction.

And my day turned out pretty okay.

The interview went pretty great.

So today.

When it rains, it pours.

But if you shake it off, put up an umbrella, and keep walking,

you’ll dry off eventually.

The sun is coming.

Day 262.

So, what did you think? Leave a comment!

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