Drop the Soap Jokes

Everybody needs to read this. Now. THANKS


It seems like yesterday that I was taking notes home to my parents in Kindergarten, usually detailing in some form my lack of self control and habit of speaking out of turn. My parents relentlessly drilled speaking etiquette into me from the days of Catholic School to present time.

It seems that there is a new idea going around the country that getting offended is somehow your own fault. That the rise of nationwide intolerance for crude and offensive language is somehow indicative of our country becoming “soft.” How backwards is it that we should blame ourselves for simply reacting to someone’s unnecessary and hurtful language? To those worried that this new intolerance for bigotry is somehow a danger to making this country less fun, perhaps join the rest of us in the 21st century who manage to enjoy themselves without alienating and offending our fellow human beings.

In the…

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