Lesson #274: Last words.


I sat through an entire night of tears and laughter and pride and reflection.

Tonight was the Student Government Association banquet, and all of the seniors gave out their pass-downs and said their goodbyes.

There seemed to be this linked message between all of the speeches, and I will always remember two things from tonight.

1. The little stuff DOES NOT MATTER.

Don’t lose friendships over small things. Don’t allow yourself to dislike someone because of one small thing. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t get stuck.

When you get to the end of the road, you will realize how ridiculous and pointless all the petty things are. You’ll forget about half of it. So don’t let it run your life now.

2. Words are powerful.

Well, of course they are. But tonight made me realize this even more so.

Seniors told stories of when they were sitting in our seats, and someone passed something down to them. Lauren, the current senior class president, was given a pass down from the senior class president when she was just a freshman. The then president said: Lauren. I can’t wait to see you as senior class president.

And then three years later, it happened.

This rang true for many others. A lot of them emphasized that it wasn’t the fact that someone had told them what position they could see them in, but that someone believed in them and saw potential.

Words are so, so powerful.

You can move mountains in someone’s life.

And tonight when Lauren gave me a shirt as a pass down with a wonderful card welcoming me into senior class council, she did just that for me.

I’ve had my reservations about it lately. But she only affirmed and influenced me in getting back on track; in staying where I should be staying. Staying where I need to encourage, make, and influence change.

So never forget these two very important things.

Not only will it change your life, but it could change someone else’s as well.

Day 274.


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