Lesson #294: Drunk lessons.


Tonight my wise friend, Michael, told me these words:

“Mia. You will meet a lot of people in your life. You will do a lot of things when you go out to LA. And you will know. You will just know.”

Michael was also drunk.

But drunken lessons are among some of the truest lessons in this world.

And knowing Michael, I know exactly what he meant.

People tell us constantly to trust our instincts and gut. But what exactly does that mean? Between deciphering what we’re feeling and questioning if it’s actually our gut or just our head, we often get caught up in the complexity of it all. We don’t know if what we feel is real. We don’t know how to tell. We forget how to do it. We forget what it means.

But the simplicity of “just knowing” applies to most everything in life.

When you know, you know.

And even if it isn’t too clear at first,

from the very first moments,

you know.

Follow it. Go with it. Trust it.

Day 294.


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