Lesson #298: Why was this a good idea again?


I am the master of starting a personal project or task, getting half way through, and think to myself, “Why the hell did I think this was a good idea?”

It quite honestly makes me mad every time, because I know I only have two choices.

1. Quit.

2. Keep going.

Wow. What a plethora of options.

Free will is kinda-sorta one of the worst gifts to humankind. I mean—not really—but let’s be real. We hate having to make decisions, and we hate being held responsible for own actions even more.

I told you from the very beginning of this blog that I’d always be real with you, so unlucky for both of us, I’m not here to say, “Don’t quit!”

Because in reality, that’s a very possible outcome.

But today we confront it.

Here’s the real question.

Are you quitting because things got hard? Or are you quitting because you really don’t want it anymore?

Whenever you find yourself at that half way mark thinking: “Why am I doing this?”

Actually think to yourself, “Well, why am I doing this?”

Why did you start? What made you want to do it? Was it for the outcome? To hold or see the finished product? For the experience? To see the look on their face? To reach a goal? To gain something for yourself?

Thinking back to why you started something in the first place is the best motivator to keep going.

And sometimes, thinking back to why you started is the best reason to quit. Maybe you never really wanted it anyway.

And one choice is not more right than the other.

But a little advice—never confuse not wanting something with momentary laziness, or fear of hard work.

So whenever you find yourself in this situation, always think about why you started doing it, and why you want to finish.

That’s the truest way to figure out if it’s worth it.

Day 298.


So, what did you think? Leave a comment!

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