Lesson #302: Demand respect.


After finishing up a few-months-long business project with an awesome long-time family friend, I called her and thanked her for allowing me to have one of my very first professional freelance opportunities.

To be completely real, doing business with someone you know can be totally awkward at times. As a business person, you have to be in a completely different element. And when someone has never seen you that way or vice versa, it’s… well… weird.

I think she may have read my mind, because she told me this.

“You have to demand a certain amount of respect from people. For yourself, and for what you do.”

As a huge pushover at times, and as a young adult (who occasionally drinks juice boxes and cries about growing up and feels five) slowly immersing myself into the “real” world, this really stuck with me after the conversation. Because it’s so true.

You’re have to set the bar for yourself.

You have to know your worth.

And you can’t be afraid or ashamed of that.

That’s the only way you’ll ever get what you want, and get what you deserve.

Day 302.


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