May 21, 2015


It has truly been such a wonderful day.

My goodness.

I’d like to think that I spend my days surrounded by good people. And I do. But my favorite times are the ones I get to spend with the people I love. Tonight, I saw Andy Grammer in concert with a group of some of my closest friends from high school. And to sound like a horribly cliché country song—there really is nothing like friends, music, summer, dancing, and just enjoying life. (I feel like I’m re-living my lessons from last summer… coming full circle, eh?)

We had a great time laying on our blankets; talking, eating, taking pictures. As show time grew closer, we moved to the front of the stage (thank you intimate music venues) to get a good spot—and we did. The show was awesome. Not only is Andy Grammer beautiful, but he is also outrageously talented and incredibly nice. His band was absolutely amazing, and hilarious too. I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy good the energy was. The entire stage was full of life. The passion they had for what they were doing and the fun they were having on stage lit up the entire park. It was really, really nice to be there.

At the end of the show, the drummer threw his drumstick into the crowd and for once in my life, it landed right by me. When I went to pick it up, a girl flew to the ground and held on to it for dear life. Next thing I knew, we were both clutching this stick—literally a stick—and no one was letting go.

I’m not into causing a scene. And it’s kind of, like, a piece of wood.

So I let go.

Everyone was like “WHY DID YOU DO THAT” and “YOU SHOULD HAVE HELD ON TO IT” and I was just like “Eh.”

It wasn’t just that I didn’t want to wrestle this random girl in the middle of a public vicinity for a drumstick. But it’s just that I really didn’t need it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about memories lately.

Memories are so fleeting, and I think that’s why, as people, we are so attached to material things. This is why we’re always taking pictures and collecting treasures; we’re capturing moments with things we can hold or something we can see with our eyes. Tangible things are there. They’re proof. But memories are scary because one day they’re here and the next they’re faded, then gone.

But the truth of it all is—the material things are no less fleeting than memories themselves.

It’s not like we can take these physical things with us wherever we go.

And even if we could—tangible things get lost too.

This is not to say that material things aren’t important, because I think I’ve made it clear that they are.

But I guess all I’m saying is that memories are special.

They’re different,

because they’re apart of us.

And while we may not have something to show for it,

we hold them near and dear to our heart for as long as they mean something to us.

And I’ll remember this night for a long, long time.

It’s crazy how the most simple times and moments can be the best, and can instantly bring a smile to our face.

I may not have gotten the drumstick.

But I got a kick ass night with my friends that I won’t forget.

Oh—and I got to meet Andy Grammer too.

I think that beats the drumstick.

Day 303.



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