Lesson #310: Your time in the sun.


It’s so good to have good friends you know you’ll have forever.

As my LA departure creeps up closer and closer, I’ve made it a point to see the people who mean the most to me before I leave for the summer. When I met up with one of my closest friends, MaRae, she gave me a journal to write about my journey in (isn’t she the greatest?) and an amazing piece of advice I’ll never forget.

“Don’t let anyone ruin this time for you. Let no one unload any of their troubles on you—back home or out there. This is your time. This is your season. This is your blessing.”

I told her that what she said was so funny, because it was something I needed to hear. “I could see myself actually letting someone do that,” I paused. “And I won’t.”

I feel like this is something that happens often. When we find ourselves in a new experience or position or location—we’re vulnerable. We open ourselves up to a world of possibilities, but by doing that we also open ourselves up to a world of potential wounds. There are always people there to support us, but there are also always people there just to tear us down, whether they mean to or not.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in other people’s drama or lives. It’s easy to get caught up in what people think and their beliefs about us.

It’s a lot easier said than done, but just don’t do it. 

It’s simple.

When it’s your time in the sun,

bask in it.

When you’re enjoying every bit of sunlight,

you don’t have time to sulk in the shadows.

I’m lucky enough to have a ray of sunshine in my life to remind me of this.

Day 310.


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