Lesson #319: The 5 whens.


1. When you’re part of a team, the team comes before any personal want, gain, or goal. What I learned at my internship from sitting on set instead of at my desk during the busiest time of the day.

2. When you’re willing to walk the extra mile, you will be rewarded in the end. What I learned from walking thirty minutes down Sunset Boulevard, desperately and hilariously searching for a Mexican restaurant with my friend Carly, and finally finding the perfect one after almost turning around and giving up hope. It turned out to be the best food I’ve had in LA so far, and the wait staff was made up of the most kind, incredible people. (Go to Antonio’s on Sunset… you won’t be sorry)

3. When you just communicate and ask—I promise you—you save yourself 10x the trouble.  What I learned when Carly and I parked at Astroburger, spontaneously decided to walk all the way down Sunset, then realized that we were probably going to get towed. I called and begged for forgiveness and the safety of my car. It worked. Just be nice, and ask.

4. When you’re open and kind and apathetic towards others, you have the ability to positively shape someone’s day—even their life. What I learned as a broke college student during her first week in LA with a depleting bank account, waiting on her first paycheck, who had to pay for her meal with two different cards plus cash. After such great service, I told the waiter how embarrassed and horrible I felt for putting him through the trouble. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “It could be much worse. One time I forgot my wallet, had to leave my watch and my gold necklace at a restaurant, and ran back to my house to get my money.” I hugged him and thanked him for his kindness and understanding. “It happens,” he said warmly. I don’t know if he’ll ever know how much he made my day and shaped my thoughts. While I still felt bad, he made me feel better. I am a huge believer of always being kind to others and I try to do this every day of my life. But this made me think about how I treat others even more. What about when it’s not that easy? How will I react when I may be in a frustrating situation with someone else? Will I allow myself to get upset? Or will I be understanding? Ask yourself this too. So in closure: share your stories, be understanding, and be kind. Pass it forward.

5. When you don’t copy or save your blog posts before you submit them, the day will come when autosave won’t actually save you. What I learned when the day finally came. You’ll hate yourself, completely lose the desire to type it again for a few hours (…or days), and then have to type the entire thing over again.

But it’s okay.

It’s different, of course.

But somehow, it’s always a little bit better the second time around.

Day 319.


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