I assumed that at least one time during these 365 days, I’d be coming back from a hiatus.

And here I am.


Friends, I must apologize. This past week has been absolute insanity! The second week of my internship picked up quickly, and by the time I grab dinner and make it home post LA traffic, it’s around 7 or 8 every night. When I do get home—the rest of my night usually consists of me or one (or all) of my roommates passing out on the couch before barely making it into bed (…we have videos). On top of that “real world” madness, for some reason, I took on another personal project and started an LA video diary series (click here). You can only imagine how many moments and things I’ve captured, and editing that much footage every week has been INTENSE. Lastly, within the past one and a half days, I’ve been on four different flights and in four different states. The jet lag is real after making my way across the country and back to film and attend a wedding in Philadelphia.

Needless to say, life actually got in the way.

But I wasn’t gone!

I still was thinking about what I would write each day; still keeping my eyes, heart, and mind open for lessons. And each day, I got one.

Of course, I wrote them in my phone or on a napkin or wherever I could the moment I knew what I would write—but now that I have consistent wi-fi (planes and hotels lie) and a less (but never not) delusional brain—I can actually post them.

I think this is a much safer (and nicer) home for them than in the notes on my phone, don’t you?

So again, my deepest apologies for the delay.

Monday, everything should be back on track. Also, running across seven terminals in LAX to get to your flight on time is a fabulous workout.

Cheers to the new week; I hope you have a good one. See you on the screen!




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