Lesson #325: Birds of a feather.


They say birds of a feather flock together.

And I’m just now realizing how true this is—or rather—how true this comes to be.

While you choose how influenced you are by the things and people around you, you sometimes don’t even realize what effect they have on you. Ironically following Barbara’s fantastic sermon (Yes, because homegirl PREACHED), I realized how (subconsciously) inspired I’ve been by one of my LA roommates, Ale.

Ale knows EVERYTHING. Pop culture gossip, scientific facts, findings and discoveries, up-and-coming technology, current trends—you name it. She’s fab, and it’s all because she does her research. On our trip, people (mostly Adam) often say, “ALE, How do you know so much?”

“I look it up,” she says.

My older brother is the same way. I go to him for advice on everything technology. Why? He listens and reads. Articles, podcasts, books, etc. While I don’t think I could ever hold or retain as much as these two do, I’ve noticed that they’ve positively influenced my life and my habits. If I want to know something or want to be informed—now I look it up immediately.

A few different sources. A definition or two.

Anything helps.

Even if you don’t know it all, at least you’ll know something.

And it never does any harm to exercise those brain muscles.

Like Barbara said: If you don’t know, figure out why you don’t know, then fix it. There really is no excuse to not be informed, considering everything is at our fingertips now-a-days. We can actually use technology to our advantage.

So, looks like it’s not so bad to be easily influenced, after all.

Just make sure it’s by the right people.

Day 325.


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