Lesson #327: Is this seat taken?


I really hate myself sometimes.

Today on my flight, a man was sitting in my assigned seat. I approached him and said, “36C?”

He just looked at me.

Cue awkward pause.

Him: “Oh, is this your seat?”

Me: “Yeah, I think so. But I can switch with you.”

Him: “Yeah, that’d be great.”

Face palm.

Why do I continue to do nice things, even in situations that don’t call for it? I told him I didn’t mind… BUT I DID.

I wanted to be near the front. I wanted to be in an aisle seat—like I was supposed to be. But once again, I just had to go and be nice.

Although in the end, I wasn’t really being nice. I was just being a doormat.

So instead of being furiously upset with myself or this guy for being in my seat and then not even offering to move, I’ll just take a deep breath and take this as a lesson learned.

Don’t sacrifice your happiness just for the sake of being nice.

Take what’s yours.

Day 327.


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