Lesson #328: When in LA… and Maryland and Philly.


The craziness is over.

I say that lightly, because it never really is.

On Thursday night, I flew cross country from LA to Maryland to meet up with my parents to drive to Philadelphia to film another wedding. After another three time changes, I’m finally about to arrive back in LA. The trip was a short one, but I can most definitely say my short little excursion was packed with mishaps, mayhem—and a bunch of lessons.

1. Always tell your parents you love them and are grateful for them. They do a lot for you, and while you can never really repay them for it—you can try by showing them some love.

2. Unfortunately, shit happens. Not only do you need a Plan B and C, but you need a Plan E, F, and G—and you might as well start thinking about H, too. Bring more back-up than you ever think you’ll imagine needing. In my case, this means that when I’m filming something, I need to start carrying my extra camera battery and memory card (like, five of them) on me at all times. Not in my bag across the room—but on my person—in my pocket or my pants or my boobs or wherever. I need to have always have access to it, and quick. Fortunately and by the grace of GOD, I captured everything—but I was darned close to missing a few things after my camera filled up rather quickly with some good shots (even with two memory cards). When I went inside to quickly upload the clips, the ceremony began to start (my laptop had the wrong time because of time changes and I didnt even realize it…scary) and I had to literally RUN downstairs and back outside. I couldn’t even upload the clips; I just began deleting shit off of my camera. When the ceremony was over and I went to upload the clips to my laptop—what do you know? My laptop storage was full as well. Luckily (Plan C, yea?), I brought my external hard drive. Surprise: that didn’t work either. My laptop wouldn’t let me drag the clips to into the folder. The DJ offered to let me download the clips to his laptop, and then sent them to me. I was so embarrassed. So lesson learned here, and thank goodness for good people. Which leads me to my next point:

3. When all of that happened, the DJ told me: “Hey, us wedding party people gotta stick together.” Whether you believe it or not, you will always have some sort of team by your side. Humanity is not as shitty as you may (or may not) think it is, I promise. When it comes down to it—people are always there to help. Be that person for someone else, too.

4. Don’t let anyone (no matter how tempting) distract you from what you need to do when you need to do it.

5. Sometimes you have to go out on a limb and ask. When you want something to be good, you have to speak up, or it’ll never happen!

6. Just because something is popular, doesn’t mean its good. Which I guess is kind of obvious. But I had to re-learn this one after we ended up having the absolute WORST philly cheese steaks in Philly. We passed a perfectly fine restaurant to chose the more popular, well-known one. Huge, huge mistake. Don’t do it.

7. If you ever park in an airport over the weekend, make sure the parking prices match up with what’s online. Or you’ll pay $80 dollars and probably cry.

8. If you ever park in an airport over the weekend, make sure you actually write down exactly where you parked. Or you’ll walk around LAX for an hour at 1am, and also probably cry.

9. If you drop something on your car floor at 2am, don’t try to pick it up. You will get pulled over by the police with megaphones, surrounded and approached for what looks like drunk driving, and you will definitely cry.

10. Tacos are great. But sometimes tacos can’t fix a bad night.

It’s okay, you’ll laugh it off the next day.

Day 328.

Congrats Kristin and Adam; wishing you a happy ever after and all the love in the world :)


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