Lesson #330: Live long and prosper.


At my internship, a lot of my time is spent at a desk logging interviews, and watching and finding clips for segments.

I don’t mind, because every day I learn something new.

Today I watched an interview with Nichelle Nichols, one of the original Star Trek TV series cast members, and one of the first Black women on television to ever be portrayed positively in a role other than a servant. She’s a legendary trailblazer.

She recently had a stroke, and one of my tasks today was to watch an interview she did on a talk show, post recovery.

When asked how she was doing, she replied, “Better than ever.” She had the biggest smile on her face as she mentioned something about feeling wilder than ever.

My spirit animal.

Then she said this:

“The things you have no control over—deny them.”

It may seem kind of crazy, but she has completely denied her stroke. She doesn’t remember it, so she’s not freaking out about it, because she doesn’t even want to go there.

Although I’ve heard variations of this mantra before, and some things in life aren’t better swept under the rug—some things are. And something about this struck me today.

It’s hard to do, but you have the power to shut things out. You totally have the power to say, “Nope. Not going to let this get to me. Not going to let it affect me. Not going to let it overcome me.”

And then you have to keep moving forward.

“Whatever happens, I take care of it, and then I give it to God,” she said.

Live long and prosper.

Day 330.


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