Lesson #335: Buckle up.


After three weeks of being in LA and saying to myself:

“Today is the day I’m finally going to sit down and plan out all the things our group wants to do while in LA,”

I actually did it.

And I learned that the absolute best thing you can ever do is to plan.

Being spontaneous and adventurous is one of my favorite things in the world; those moments end up being some of the best times of your life.

But when you’re being nothing but, you actually begin to miss out on life.

You start to get comfortable until you’re bored, and then you force yourself into whatever happens next just because it’s what’s happening at the moment.

But when you plan, you avoid getting comfortable, and you begin doing what you want to do.

The first week I was in LA, I was down for anything.

The second week, I would go here and there.

But by the third week, LA started to feel like home and all I wanted to do was sit in our apartment and watch Netflix and eat pita chips.

The worst thing you can do is sit around and let time (specifically the good times) pass you by. I decided that if I didn’t act soon, seriously, time would be up. So I created an entire LA bucket list, and then made a calendar of events and activities that we plan on going to and doing while in LA.

I still plan on being spontaneous. But now, I can look forward to adventures like waterfall hikes, tours, museums, Malibu and Venice beach, the Hollywood sign, drive-in movies, Bollywood lessons, rooftop dinners, and more.

Don’t let time escape you.

You have to make it happen, or it never will.

So write it down, plan it out, buckle up,

and get ready for the ride.

Day 335.


One thought on “Lesson #335: Buckle up.

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