“Dreams.” A guest lesson by Morgan Galvin.

I was seven years old with dreams that seemed far too big for a young girl.

I was told by my uncle that I’d never make it far in marine biology, and that I would never make money. Looking back now, for someone to tell a little girl that her dream isn’t good enough just boggles my mind. But that’s what gets me to my lesson.

“If you’re going to love someone or something then don’t be a slow leaking faucet—be a hurricane.” -Shannon L Alder

Eleven years later, I’m still questioning his thought process when he said it. His opinionated words resonated when I stumbled across this quote.

Ever since my uncle told me I couldn’t make it to be a marine biologist, I’ve worked my butt off and plan to until I get to my dream job. It was that spark of words that has pushed me ever since. Though I was so mad that he said this to me at the age of seven (and so were my parents), I almost think that without it, I might not have had the fire lit inside of me that burns to be successful and defy the odds of unemployment with a biology degree.

Deep down inside everyone has dreams. Whether it’s to get that one guy, be that amazing person, go to college, or change the world—we all have dreams. Don’t ever suppress your dreams in fear that they might be judged or that you’ll be told they’re unattainable. We quickly learn that time doesn’t slow down and regret is the worst feeling.

So dream big, and never let someone tell you your dream isn’t good. Anything is possible if you work hard enough. I’m not going to tell you the road is going to be easy, because I’m still not even close to being done. Quite frankly, I’m just getting started. But follow your own path. Have your own goals. Dream your own dreams. And never give up.

You only get one life to do it all.

Don’t be a leaky faucet, be a hurricane.

-Lesson by Morgan Galvin-



Morgan Galvin is a lover of turtles, baseball, and America. She is starting my first year at Louisiana State University this fall. She will be majoring in Biology with a concentration in Marine Biology. She’s also a spastic tweeter. Follow her at @mkimbaaa.


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